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In the ongoing effort to support our local, county, and state partners, IEMA will provide information and specifics to coordinate current information:

  • Presidential Disaster Declaration for St. Clair County in Illinois for flooding for 2022
  • Presidential Disaster Declaration for Cook County in Illinois for severe weather in June/July 2023
  • The State of Illinois Disaster Proclamation for the Asylum Seekers in Illinois


Knowing where your utility mains are located and how to operate them is key to household safety and can significantly decrease property damage during an emergency. Make sure every member of your household is familiar with the location of your main water, electric, and gas switches and valves and knows how to operate them.

JULIE - Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators

JULIE serves as a notification service for underground utility facilities. By calling 811 (or 1-800-892-0123), contractors, excavators, homeowners, and others who may be digging can contact JULIE to notify all of the utilities: gas, electric and phone. It is then the responsibility of each utility to mark the location of its underground facilities at the excavation site. JULIE services the entire State of Illinois, with the exception of Chicago. If you are digging within the city limits of Chicago, please contact DIGGER.

JULIE (Outside Chicago)
Phone: 811 or 800-892-0123

DIGGER (Inside Chicago)
Phone: 312-744-7000

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