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In the ongoing effort to support our local, county, and state partners, IEMA will provide information and specifics to coordinate current information:

*Presidential Disaster Declaration for St. Clair County in Illinois

*The State of Illinois Disaster Proclamation for the Asylum Seekers in Illinois

Water / Sewer

Local drinking water and wastewater systems may be targets for terrorists and criminals wishing to disrupt or harm your community’s water supply or wastewater facility.

Drinking water sources and wastewater collection systems may cover large areas that are difficult to secure and patrol. Residents can help by noticing and reporting any suspicious activity in and around local water utilities.

Any residents interested in protecting their water resources and community can join together with law enforcement, neighborhood watch groups, water suppliers, wastewater operators, and other local public health officials in keeping our water/sewer systems safe.

If you witness suspicious activities, report them to your local law enforcement authorities.

Examples of suspicious activity include:

  • people dumping or discharging material into a water reservoir
  • people climbing or cutting a utility fence
  • an unidentified vehicle parked or loitering near a waterway or facility for no apparent reason
  • suspicious opening or tampering with manhole covers, buildings, or equipment
  • people climbing or on top of water tanks
  • people photographing or videotaping utility facilities, structures, or equipment
  • strangers hanging around locks or gates. Do not confront strangers. Instead, report suspicious activities to local authorities.

When reporting an incident:

  • state the nature of the incident  
  • identify yourself and your location
  • identify location of activity
  • describe any vehicle involved (color, make model, plate number)
  • describe the participants (how many, sex, race, color of hair, height, weight, clothing)
For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

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