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In the ongoing effort to support our local, county, and state partners, IEMA will provide information and specifics to coordinate current information:

  • Presidential Disaster Declaration for St. Clair County in Illinois for flooding for 2022
  • Presidential Disaster Declaration for Cook County in Illinois for severe weather in June/July 2023
  • The State of Illinois Disaster Proclamation for the Asylum Seekers in Illinois


One of Illinois’ strategic priorities is to maintain safety and improve safeguards against potential hazards at:

  • nuclear power plants,
  • radiation facilities,
  • hazards posed by the transport of radioactive materials, and
  • other radiological accidents.

To protect residents from the potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation and accidents involving a release of radiation from a power station, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA)’s Division of Nuclear Safety:

  • Monitors 11 nuclear power reactors at six nuclear power stations licensed to generate electricity.
  • Ensures public and employee safety through inspection, licensing, accreditation, and certification of radiologic technologists, equipment, and facilities.
  • Inspects/escorts spent nuclear fuel shipments that enter, exit, or traverse Illinois.

In the event of a radiological accident at any of the nuclear power stations in Illinois or any incident involving the actual or potential release of radiation to the environment, IEMA will activate the Illinois Plan for Radiological Accidents (IPRA).

IPRA is a cooperative effort among state agencies, local governments, and private organizations designed to ensure that any radiological accident is quickly and accurately evaluated and that the appropriate response to and recovery from any accident is effectively coordinated.

If there is an accident involving nuclear or radioactive materials in Illinois

  • Follow the instructions of emergency service personnel in the area.
  • If you are at home or at work, listen to local TV and radio for instructions and travel information.

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